Ausbau der Kooperation mit Litauen

Das Reginalmanagement aus Vilnius war bei der M&S Umweltprojekt GmbH im Vogtland zu Gast....

Good afternoon,

We are very grateful Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Märtner for the warm reception in Plauen of the delegation from Vilnius regional waste management company CEO Tomas Vaitkevicius, chief techinician Romualdas Matonis, head of production department Jolita Salkauskiene and head of bulky waste sites Aurimas Uldukis. It is a pleasure to come back to M&S Umweltprojekt GmbH and to see the development of this company and it‘s responsible approach to environmental protection.
We are very pleased with this to cooperation and looking forward to continue.

Jolita Šalkauskienė
Gamybinio proceso tarnybos vadovė